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ECOMKEY is a multi-industry technology and service company that provides modern solutions to help businesses save costs and optimize operations in their e-commerce platforms such as TikTok Shop, Shopee, Lazada, and Tiki across the Southeast Asia region. Additionally, ECOMKEY offers marketing solutions, website design, branding, multi-platform management support, and professional assistance to customers in creating and operating their shops. With a vision to become a trusted partner for every retail business, ECOMKEY is committed to delivering high-quality services and maximum support throughout the working process.

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The Journey Begins

ECOMKEY is currently growing and accompanies more than 18,000 retailers with over 150,000 orders and more than 1,000,000 products managed per day across commerce platforms The largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, including TikTok Shop, Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Tokopedia. The platform is developed in multiple languages, serving sellers in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore markets. With non-stop creativity, ECOMKEY is growing and leading the e-commerce trend with outstanding features to solve difficult problems in multi-channel online business, helping sellers across the East South Asia does business in a smart and comprehensive way. The most recent highlight is the multi-channel Chatbot system, as well as ECOMKEY’s sales solution process, which gives sellers 3-5 times sales growth. This is a pleasure and a great success for the ECOMKEY team as well as for the sellers doing business on E-Commerce.

Forerunner ECOMKEY is an Outsourcing technology enterprise, supporting outsourcing software applications for businesses, as well as supporting store operation for retail businesses doing e-commerce business. And 2017 was a terrible year for the founder of ECOMKEY, when in the process of operating the e-commerce floor for customers, he discovered that the goods were lost in a large amount. The reason for the above problem is that businesses have to manage too many orders (more than 5000 orders per day) and cannot control all of them, which leads to 2 sources of loss:
1. The main loss comes from inside: During the delivery process to the shipping units, the delivery staff each day hid a few flowers delivered separately outside, and resulted in no loss at all. small. This is a problem that large e-commerce floor units have also encountered.
2. Loss comes from outside parties: When the order volume is too much, the situation of shipping staff coming to pick up goods and SCAN missing when picking up the goods, or NO REFUND OF REFUND happens often. The comparison is not easy, there is no sure basis because the e-commerce floor units require a very strict comparison basis. Since then, we have pondered over solutions to handle the above problems. And established ECOMKEY – A platform to help handle the problem of loss, and at the same time to support multi-channel sales management easily.
In 2018, the first version of ECOMKEY product was born with the solution of Receipt of Goods Delivery/Return, Reconciliation of financial statements. Since its launch, ECOMKEY was supported by hundreds of big sellers at that time. The product at that time was written with a very simple interface based on PHP/HTML/Javascript language. Although not much investment in technology infrastructure, but ECOMKEY at that time was well received and supported by many e-commerce sellers.
In 2020, after the number of people using the platform increases, and realizing the need to expand and develop ECOMKEY to a newer platform, invest in new technology with more features to serve the business needs of customers. As a vendor, the ECOMKEY team restructured, and began to build products with a more specialized model, restructured the product in a multi-national, multi-language, and multi-platform model. Helping sellers to do multi-platform e-commerce business in any country, as well as providing utilities such as CRM platform, Inventory management, Chatbot AI, Omnichannel.
Currently, ECOMKEY is continuously expanding its products to the whole Southeast Asian market, moving towards the vision of serving millions of sellers throughout the region including: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore. At the same time, continuously develop more goods and utilities for sellers. This year, ECOMKEY implements training programs for sellers. Supporting businesses with professional marketing, operation, branding and business platform solutions.


Our mission is to help retail partners, especially those operating on e-commerce platforms, gain the capacity to grow their business quickly and easily. At the same time, providing financial solutions to help sellers do business more conveniently and easily. In addition, ECOMKEY’s software applications will help customers manage their work effectively, make smart decisions, automate operations with the power of data technology and artificial intelligence. Thanks to reporting and reconciliation tools, retailers can save a lot of time, effort and money.
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ECOMKEY’s vision is to become the leading platform for managing goods loss and managing smart and efficient omnichannel sales in Southeast Asia. We not only focus on technology, but also build long-term close relationships with vendors, creating trust and absolute satisfaction for our customers. To do that, we always work tirelessly every day. Our team is always working day and night to bring quality products, the latest tools to meet the needs of the market.

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Sales consultant: 088880 0303 Operating 365 days a year from 7:00 to 22:00 including holidays and holidays.
We will respond quickly if you have any need to contact via Facebook platform or any other platform.
Update and share video tutorials, sales instructions on the e-commerce floor for sellers.
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