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X5 growth sales

ECOMKEY supports customer care in the best way and automates, bringing a complete experience to customers. This helps ensure that you don’t miss out on any customers and increase your conversion rate
Inteligenta artificiala aiminded Omnichannel Chatbot applies Ai Automation Technology

Automatically text guest feedback according to the script

Reach a large number of customers

Chat bot is capable of answering a large number of customers simultaneously

Personalized Answers

The answer the chat bot gives each customer will depend on their question. Based on the data provided by the customer, the most optimal answer will be given

Timeliness and consistency

24/7 availability is always the biggest benefit of chatbots. There is no waiting time. No customer will be missed

Send multi-channel messages Facebook TikTok Lazada Shopee Tiki

Ecomkey provides cross-platform AI chatbot, allowing your business to use chatbot on various platforms such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, Tiktok, Facebook and others. Ecomkey’s AI Chatbot helps businesses save time and effort for employees, improve customer experience, and increase sales
xu ly don hang nhanh chong Omnichannel Chatbot applies Ai Automation Technology
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Save time and increase sales

Reduce personnel costs

The use of AI chatbot helps to reduce the number of staff required to serve customers

Increase productivity

Chatbot can handle multiple customer requests, Freeing up staff time, businesses can focus on other more important tasks to increase global productivity

Reduce communication costs with customers

While employees must communicate with customers through traditional channels such as email, phone or live chat, AI chatbots can answer customer questions through other messaging applications. Reducing communication costs significantly increases the operational efficiency of the business

Integrate Chat Widget for your website

To change, update and upgrade functions and features. This helps businesses stay dynamic and quickly adapt to changes in customer needs
chatbot isometric marketing vector Omnichannel Chatbot applies Ai Automation Technology

Increase marketing efficiency, sales and cost optimization

tangdoanhthu Omnichannel Chatbot applies Ai Automation Technology

x2 increase in sales

Automatic consultation, fast closing

hinh tien 30 Omnichannel Chatbot applies Ai Automation Technology

30% increase in conversion rate

Timely consistent. Do not miss customers

hinh giam pixel Omnichannel Chatbot applies Ai Automation Technology

X1.5 Employee Performance

Save time. Saving manpower

EcomKey Multi-Platform Sales Management Software

Let ECOMKEY help you increase revenue and optimize costs

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