E-commerce Sales & Business Training Service

Sales training services with experience in operating dozens of top brands on the e-commerce floor will give you the skills and strategies to grow sales sell your products on e-commerce platforms.

Sales Process On E-commerce Floor At Ecomkey


Market Analysis, Product Selection

Before choosing a product, you need to do a market analysis to learn about the trends and needs in that market. This helps businesses understand the needs of customers and know well about competitors.

Create And Design Professional Booths

The creation and design of a professional booth needs to pay attention to many factors including layout design, lighting, product quality, customer service, advertising and connecting with customers.

Using Marketing Effects

Marketing effects such as scarcity, interaction, price comparison, online community, and doubles are important factors for creating excitement for customers and increasing customer interaction.

Product ads

Product advertising is an important process for building a brand and attracting customers. You need to identify the target audience, choose the right advertising channel, optimize the ad design, and convey the message clearly.

Loyal Customers

Customer loyalty is a long process and needs to build relationships, create value and enhance customer experience. From there, businesses can make a difference and win in the market.

Multi-Channel Expansion, Branding

Expanding multi-channel marketing proactively gives your business the maximum distribution of your products and services across many different channels, helping to bring your products closer to customers.

Training content

Part 01: Identifying trends and product potential

  • E-commerce market overview
  • Identify product trends & potential
  • Product selection, pricing & sales strategy

Part 02: Optimizing product SEO & booth decoration

  • Beautiful and simple visual design
  • Writing & posting SEO standard products
  • Decorate the booth according to the available template

Part 03: Increase customer visits to the shop

  • Register for shop & floor promotions
  • Instructions to pull customers from the floor
  • How to increase customers on the floor need to know

Part 04: Creating & optimizing ads

  • Select & optimize advertising products
  • The right ad campaign process
  • Read, analyze & edit ads

Part 05: Order processing & shop operation

  • Steps for processing orders & customer care
  • Factors that influence search rankings & impressions
  • Introduction of the shop operation process

Part 06: Multi-platform sales support tools & services

  • Free multi-platform sales management software
  • List of multi-platform sales support services
  • Introducing SEO tools Shopee, Lazada

Student Feedback

Results After the Course

  • icon check Ecommerce TrainingIdentified suitable products to start trading on the trading floor electronic.
  • icon check Ecommerce TrainingBuilding a beautiful, prestigious, professional booth.
  • icon check Ecommerce TrainingCreate attractive promotion campaigns with shoppers.
  • icon check Ecommerce TrainingUnderstand why your ads are underperforming then apply improve advertising campaign of my shop.

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When the store has an Internet outage, sales activities still take place normally. Thanks to cloud computing technology, data is kept and synchronized when the Internet connection works again.

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E-commerce Sales & Business Training Service

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