Effective Google Ads Advertising Service at Ecomkey

Help businesses reach potential customers on online advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more.

The Process Of Running Ads


Customer Audience Analysis

This service will help analyze potential customers based on characteristics such as age, gender, interests and search behavior, thereby offering an appropriate advertising strategy.

Advertising Campaign Design

This service will create quality advertising campaigns, attract and optimize ads to achieve advertising goals.

Monitor, Evaluate and Improve Campaigns

This service will help monitor and evaluate the results of the advertising campaign, thereby making the necessary adjustments to improve the effectiveness of the campaign.

Keyword Research

This service will help search for keywords related to products and services of the business and identify keywords with potential to increase advertising effectiveness.

How Will Advertising Help You?

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Increase brand awareness

Promote revenue with information such as registration link, call button, directions, … customers will easily access and view information about the business/product.
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Search for potential customers

Attract potential customers based on the exact targeting settings on the ad.
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Bringing advertising to life

Attract customers through images and videos that make them look again and again.
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Increase in-store sales

Connect online customers to the store to shop more.
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Increase online orders

Turn customers viewing products into customers through advertising on google, social networks.

Ecomkey Will Help You Create a Strategy
With the Approach You Want

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Our Customer

Baseus - Genuine phone accessories

Sell ​​smoothly even when the Internet is disconnected

When the store has an Internet outage, sales activities still take place normally. Thanks to cloud computing technology, data is kept and synchronized when the Internet connection works again.

Integrate Grabfood and delivery Ahamove

Easily participate in sales and delivery on the Grabfood app. Connecting Ahamove shipper conveniently, fast shipping anywhere.

Integrate all the most modern hardware devices

The software runs smoothly on any device platform such as Mobile, Tablet, Windows, IOS or Android, fully meeting the needs of all sizes of shops.

Ads Running Service

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