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EcomKey Omnichannel Management has been present in many countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia... Along with many preeminent features. With EcomKey selling is easier than ever.

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Multi-channel order management and bulk order printing make it easy to track orders from multiple stores on the same screen. This will save you time and effort, and make your work more efficient. At the same time, the system reports "Lost Order" to help customers



The product synchronization tool allows you to quickly and easily list your products on all e-commerce platforms. You can simply edit or duplicate products and add new products very easily. This saves time and reduces effort in the online sales process.



Synchronize warehouses on e-commerce platforms, support multi-warehouse management fullfillment, search product location, locate products from QR Code

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Synchronizing multi-platform messages Facebook, Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, TikTok on one screen, managing inbox from customers will become simpler and faster.

Save time, Increase sales

Multi-channel sales management software helps businesses interact and take care of customers in the best way. Customer management features help businesses approach and handle customer requests more quickly and accurately. At the same time, the multi-channel sales management software also supports customer care through channels such as email, message, online chat, ..
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Improve business efficiency

Optimizing the sales process

The sales process is brought to a working screen. Easy to track, easy to manage

Summary and comparison of business results

Each trading floor has different business policies. Comparing and coming up with the right business strategy is the key factor.

Accuracy and professionalism

Sales automation brings in more orders. Professionalism and accuracy help you to have many loyal customers

Manage multiple sales channels centrally

Financial management, revenue and expenditure is always one of the headaches and time-consuming problems of store owners, especially when they have to manage many stores at the same time. From order management, to processing returns or order cancellations These problems make financial management on the e-commerce platform difficult. To solve this problem, Ecomkey offers Centralized financial reporting system, making financial management easier. With Ecomkey, from canceled orders, refunds or other complicated cases, you will always find the right solution. Experience and optimize your efforts with Ecomkey today.
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Decentralization and easy business administration


When a business has many employees working together. Decentralization is clearly an important factor to help businesses operate effectively and sustainably in the long run.

Increased security

Decentralizing access for important information and data will help reduce information security risks believe. Only those with access granted to that information can access it.

Increase productivity

Decentralization and corporate governance help managers monitor and control the activities of each employee. This improves workflow and increases productivity.

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When only authorized and responsible people access information and data, companies can minimize errors due to incorrect access or processing of information.

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