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Multi-channel product management, product sync, add products in bulk. Direct connection API from the e-commerce platform ensures speed and legitimacy. Service is supported on all popular e-commerce platforms
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Create and Duplicate Products Quickly

Fast product creation and copying: Helps create, upload, copy products quickly between platforms in just 1 click, update product information in real time.
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Handling product feedback rating

Provide tools to process ratings, customer feedback in bulk…
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Easy inventory sync

Sync product status and manage inventory easily….

Inventory tracking

Actively source goods

Tracking the amount of inventory helps to be proactive in importing goods. Goods do not have a lot of backlog causing waste of capital. At the same time, track each product to promptly import more goods. Avoid shortage of goods when customer demand is high.

Convenient tracking

Goods will be managed directly on the computer screen. Information about the quantity of goods will be displayed in detail for convenient tracking. Goods control is better when the order quantity is large.

Save time

When managing products across multiple commercial properties. The quantity of goods will not be synchronized when the customer buys the product. It is not possible to update the goods on each manual floor. When using order management services. The goods will be updated automatically based on the actual quantity.

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